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Lloyd Alexander – The High King (Chronicles of Prydain book 5)

The 5th and last book in Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain fantasy series is The High King.  It should be pretty clear by now who The High King is. Back in book 3 I talked about how the series had only been from Taran’s point … Continue reading

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Lloyd Alexander – Taran Wanderer (Chronicles of Prydain book 4)

Taran Wanderer is book 4 in The Chronicles of Prydain by author Lloyd Alexander.  In this book our main character Taran has finally admitted, to himself anyway, his love for Eilonwy and his desire to marry her.  But he is ashamed of his unknown … Continue reading

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Lloyd Alexander – The Castle of Llyr (Chronicles of Prydain book 3)

The Castle of Llyr is book 3 in Lloyd Alexander’s fantasy series for kids, The Chronicles of Prydain.  I must say, this is my least favourite so far. The first 2 books were rather disjointed in that they very well could have … Continue reading

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Lloyd Alexander – The Black Cauldron (Chronicles of Prydain book 2)

The Black Cauldron is book 2 in Lloyd Alexander’s children’s fantasy, The Chronicles of Prydain.  In book 1, Book of Three, we see Assistant Pig Keeper Taran venturing the world, defeating monsters and villains on his way to manhood.  Book 2 is much the … Continue reading

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Lloyd Alexander – Book of Three (Chronicles of Prydain book 1)

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander is book 1 in his 5 book series, The Chronicles of Prydain.  The book and the series are clearly intended for a younger audience, but make no mistake, it doesn’t mean it is not … Continue reading

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