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>David Eddings – Enchanters End Game (Belgariad book 5)

> The Belgariad series ends with book 5, Enchanters End Game.  The long anticipated meeting between The Child of Light and The Child of Dark finally happens. Well all the complaining I made about only having one plot line and … Continue reading

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>David Eddings – Castles of Wizardry (Balgariad book 4)

> Prophecies are finally being fulfilled in Castles of Wizardy, book 4 of the Balgariad series. Castle of Wizardy is by far the worst book in the series thus far.  The entire book was basically about Belgarion trying to learn … Continue reading

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>David Eddings – Magician’s Gambit (Belgariad book 3)

> In Magician’s Gambit, Belgarion and co. are hunting Ctuchik who has the orb of Aldur.  They must go into the the Angarak sorcerer’s own fortress, Rak Cthol, and battle the disciple of Torak. Belgarion is finally starting to understand … Continue reading

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>David Eddings – Queen of Sorcery (Belgariad book 2)

> The quest to retrieve the stolen orb continues in Queen of Sorcery, book 2 of the Belgariad series; the dry voice inside Garion’s head makes itself known and Polgara becomes even more assertive. A little bit more about Garion’s … Continue reading

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>David Eddings – Pawn of Prophecy (Belgariad book 1)

> Pawn of Prophecy is book 1 of the Belgariad series.  It is a high fantasy along the lines of Tolkien.  Eddings creates his own races (actual human races) and cultures. A very powerful orb has been stolen and must … Continue reading

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