Anne Rice – Interview with the Vampire


Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire is first and foremost a love story.  Yes, a love story among vampires but nothing like Twilight.  No, nothing like Twilight at all.  In fact a more comparable love story would be Wuthering Heights.

Louis is a vampire hundreds of years old who seeks out an interviewer, wanting to tell his story.  It becomes clear by the end of the interview and his story that Louis wants his tale to be a cautionary tale for those who believe the price of immortality is an agreeable price to pay.  Louis hates Lestat for turning him into a vampire but he also believes he needs Lestat.

So I am not exactly well versed on Vampire Lore so I can’t really say what Anne Rice contributed to the lore with Interview with a Vampire.  What I can say though is that Anne Rice’s vampires do not fall under the extremes – blood thirsty creatures that are just out to get human blood or happy go lucky vampires out to find human teenagers to go out on dates with.  Louis keeps Lestat around long enough to try and find out whether vampires are sons of Satan or not; he never does find out.

Anne Rice explores the lonely life that immortal beings such as vampires must face and how they long for any type of companionship.  It’s clear what the authors feelings are on the subject but she also recognizes the lure of immortality will always be there.  I really liked Anne Rice’s story telling ability.  This is the first book I’ve read of hers and hopefully not last.

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