Rick Riordan – The Titans Curse (Percy Jackson book 3)


That Titan’s Curse is book 3 in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fantasy series by author Rick Riordan.  One of the Titans has escaped from his eternal imprisonment and has captured the goddess Artemis and the half-blood Annabeth.  The deadline for Percy to rescue them is the winter solstice.

The council of the gods takes place on winter solstice where they will meet to discuss what they will do with the Titans and the children of prophecy.  Thalia is just days away from her sixteenth birthday and Percy is two years away.  More of the prophecy is revealed in this book when a monster that was killed 3000 years ago returns.  Artemis was hunting this monster when the Titan known as the General kidnaps her, sending Percy and company on another quest, this time to save the goddess of the hunt.

It’s getting harder to rate each book individually since they all kind of blend together, which is a good thing.  I’d rather each book in a series be read as if it is part of a series and not individual books sharing the same title.  Though I still don’t like how the author at the very end of each book basically says, “hey look at this awesome thing that is going to happen in the next book.  You better read the next one to find out”.  Readers should decide to read the next book based on the strength of the current book they just finished reading, not on how well the author hypes up his next book.

Still though, keep reading.

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