Rick Riordan – Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson book 2)


Sea of Monsters is book 2 in Rick Riordan’s fantasy series Percy Jackson based on tales from Greek mythology.  Percy Jackson is now on his last day of school in grade 7 before the holidays.  He hasn’t made it through the first 6 school years without being expelled, so what are the chances he makes it through his 7th?

Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon.  His two friends are Annabeth, son of Artemis, and Grover, a satyr.  Percy had a step father in book 1 that got turned into stone by the head of Medusa……….etc. etc. etc.  I don’t like how the author constantly kept reminding us of information that was given in the 1st book.  He probably could have cut the book by 10% at least if he just left out non-essential information from book 1 out.  Give the readers a little more credit about what they can and can’t remember.  And if they can’t remember it, chances are it wasn’t that important anyway.

Camp Half-Blood is dying because the Thalia Tree has been poisoned and monsters are constantly invading the camp.  The Golden Fleece (yes, THAT Golden Fleece) has some strong nature magic that can heal the tree, but it has been lost for centuries.  Almost by accident, Grover has found the fleece but he himself has been taken captive so it is up to Percy and Annabeth to rescue Grover, the fleece, and Camp Half-Blood.

Once again a good story with good pacing.  Technically you could read book 2 without having read book 1 but why would you do such a thing?  Onto book 3.

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