Lloyd Alexander – The High King (Chronicles of Prydain book 5)


The 5th and last book in Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain fantasy series is The High King.  It should be pretty clear by now who The High King is.

Back in book 3 I talked about how the series had only been from Taran’s point of view up to that point.  Well here in book 5 we take on more points of view, namely that of Flewddur Fflam, Eilonwy, Dalben, and Kaw’s (yes, the crow).  Even though Taran matured, I wouldn’t say the series itself matured.  Book 5 was the same fun loving book the other 4 were.

The twist at the end wasn’t really a surprise for me, but it very well might be for younger kids reading this book and this series.  The series came full circle very well.  Good read, good read.

Eilonwy has become one of my favourite characters and so I leave this series with one of my favourite quotes from her, “I understand you’re upset but that’s no cause to be rude.”

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