Rick Riordan – The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1)


So I have finally decided to read Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series with The Lightning Thief being book 1 in the series.  I have avoided reading it for my own personal, selfish, reasons.  I’m quite glad I got over those reasons.

Percy Jackson is at the end of 6th grade and he is about to be expelled from his 6th school in 6 years.  Strange things always seemed to happen to him that were always explained away by nightmares or ADHD.

Percy………Perseus…..how did I not make the connection until it was written plainly in the book?  Such a dummy I am.  How embarrassing.

Zeus’s master bolt has been stolen and half the people blame Poseidon for the theft and the other half blame Hades.  Zeus is convinced that it was Poseidon and has threatened to wage a war, sky vs. sea if Poseidon does not return it.  For one reason or another, Percy is the last hope to find the bolt and return it to Mount Olympus before the summer solstice deadline.

I actually really liked The Lightning Thief.  It had a really nice pace and the story was good.  Even those who are not familiar with Greek mythology would not feel lost but those who do know Greek mythology would get an extra few chuckles at some of the references made.  You also learn quite a bit about the mythology from this book which is an added bonus.

The only real complaint I have about The Lightning Thief is that the author made too obvious this book was intended to be a series from the get go.  The ending was flat because the author was holding way too much back for the next book.  The whole last scene where it was just one big dialogue between 2 people did not need to happen.  It was basically just the author saying, “hey look whats in store for the next book.  You better read it to find out what happens.”  It almost made me not want to read the next book.

So much has been made about a Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson comparison.  Sure there are a ton of similarities but the stories are different enough that you can enjoy them both without feeling guilty about it.  And honestly if it didn’t have these similarities it wouldn’t be a middle grade fantasy book.  Just read it.  You won’t be disappointed.


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