Lloyd Alexander – Taran Wanderer (Chronicles of Prydain book 4)


Taran Wanderer is book 4 in The Chronicles of Prydain by author Lloyd Alexander.  In this book our main character Taran has finally admitted, to himself anyway, his love for Eilonwy and his desire to marry her.  But he is ashamed of his unknown heritage and sets off to find out who his parents are, hoping to find out he is of noble birth and thus worthy of the princess.

Basically the whole theme of the series starting from book 1 is Taran learning what it means to be a man and a hero.  He has been praised for doing many heroic deeds so far despite not knowing who his kinsmen are.  This all changes in book 4.  In book 4 Taran becomes downright depressing, boring, and whiny.  Taran wanders around all book trying to figure out what he wants with this life.

The first half of the book was much better than the second half.  The first half at least had the usual adventures and dangers that the series is good for.  The second half was just Taran moping around.  The whole “coming of age” theme the author was trying to convey was not subtly done at all.  But I guess for a younger audience this was important.

At the end of the book, *spoiler alert, spoiler alert* Taran finds out he is just an assistant pig-keeper and he is content with that.



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