Gloria Skurzynski – Virtual War (Virtual War Chronicles book 1)


So Virtual War is a novel study I am doing with my grade 7s.  It’s on the authorized reading list for grade 7ers in Alberta. This is basically Ender’s Game for a slightly younger audience.

Corgan is a genetically engineered 14 year old boy.  He’s been bred with the genes of some very successful athletes and professionals to have speed, endurance, precision, and other attributes desirable to win a war, a virtual war.

Corgan teams up with Shayla and Brig to fight the war for the Western Hemisphere against the Pacific and Eurasia.  Shayla is the code breaker and Brig is the strategist.  Their lives have been controlled even before birth to war day.  Will these three be able to win the war?  Earth is contaminated all over the place so any contamination free land is valuable.  The Isles of Hiva is the prize.

Like I said in the introduction, Virtual War is very similar to Ender’s Game in plot and story but they differ in focus.  I can certainly see why both Virtual War and Ender’s Game are recommended readings (Virtual War for grade 7 and Ender’s Game for grade 9).  The themes are good.  The reading levels are appropriate.  The stories are exciting.

Virtual War is a must read for all junior high students.

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