Suzanne Collins – Mockingjay (Hunger Games book 3)


Mockingjay is book 3 in author Suzanne Collin’s trilogy, The Hunger Games.  So many people say it’s the worst of the 3.  Why?  I thought it did a good job of finishing the series off.

The Games are finally over in book 3 as district rebels fight to overthrow the Capitol.  Katniss Everdeen has accepted her role as the Mockingjay and is now the face of the rebellion.  She’s on camera more than she is in actual combat.

So the story goes on with the rebels slowly making their way to the Capitol, attempting to overthrow President Snow.  One of Katniss’s conditions for being the Mockingjay is that she gets to be the one to assassinate Snow.

And we go on and things end.  Like the previous 2 books, the twist ending was rather predictable in my opinion.  I feel like the people who didn’t enjoy book 3 were the people who kept getting surprised over and over from the story.  The ending was inevitable and the whole series and the whole book 3 was leading up to that ending.  If book 3 was disappointing to you, you probably should have stopped reading in book 1 because there was no other way the book and series could have ended.

Good read.  Good read.  Not one I would read again but definitely a good one time only read.

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