Garth Nix – Abhorsen (Abhorsen book 3)


Abhorsen is the 3rd and final book of author Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy.  I must say, it was my favourite of the 3.

Lirael has quickly become one of my favourite characters from literature.  I already liked her from book 2, but book 3 she shined perhaps equally as much, if not more.  It is up to her, Sam, and the disreputable dog to try and stop Nick and Hedge from digging up whatever evil they are digging up (later revealed to be The Destroyer).

So Sam doesn’t want to be the Abhorsen-in-waiting and Lirael kind of stumbles into the role and fulfills it admirably.  Her interactions with her disreputable dog were kind of sweet but did get kind of annoying at times.  Still though, great character.

Book 3 ended things very well.  I was quite satisfied.  This series is my first taste of author Garth Nix and I must say, I love the style.  It’s quick paced and the story is good.  I shall have to find more books from this author.

Definitely recommended for middle grade kids though a little on the darker side.  Good book; good series.

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