Guy Gavriel Kay – The Wandering Fire (Fionavar Tapestry book 2)

The Wandering Fire (The Fionavar Tapestry, #2)

Meh.  Book 2 in Fionavar TapestryThe Wandering Fire, is just meh.  I never used to believe it  but it does seem like book 2 in the trilogy is usually lack luster.

Fionavar is the first of all worlds and the link to all worlds.  So when war threatens Fionavar, even kids from our world must help.  Hmmmmm…….. It was so long ago since I read book 1 that I re-read my review of that just to refresh myself, and yup, I didn’t very much like book 1 either.

I can’t even pinpoint why I didn’t really like it.  I just know it took me a long time to finish which is usually an indication that I wasn’t too excited about it.  One thing I will say though, my all time favourite series The Wheel of Time seems to have references to this series.

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