Brandon Sanderson – Warbreaker

Warbreaker (Warbreaker, #1)

Warbreaker is a standalone epic fantasy novel by author Brandon Sanderson.  In case you needed another reason to like Sanderson, how about Sanderson publishing Warbreaker one chapter at a time completely for free?  To top it off, Sanderson also published every single draft of the book.  Very cool.

Idris signed a peace treaty with the bigger, more powerful region of Halendren.  The agreement was that after 20 years, Idris would send one of their royal daughters to marry Halendren’s ruler, The God King.  20 years later, the king of Idris fearing that war was imminent had no choice but to send one of his daughters.  But Halendren being so much more powerful, what reason do they have to honour the treaty?

BioChromata is the main magic system in Warbreaker and Breath is the catalyst for the magic.  I would be doing the book a disservice if I tried to explain how it works in this review, so you will have to read it yourself.

The Returned are the Halandren Gods with The God King being the king of the gods.  Similar to the Elantrians in Elantris, The Returned take human form (if a little more idealized) and can be visited by mere mortals.  They need one breath per week to stay alive which the civilians give willingly.

Vasher owns a sword named Nightblood.  Nightblood doesn’t play a significant role in Warbreaker, but I must mention it here because it plays a bigger role in the overall Cosmere.  We also have confirmation from Sanderson that the Warbreaker sequel will be called Nightblood.

All in all, great read.  For those following Sanderson’s Cosmere, you will gain more from reading Warbreaker before Words of Radiance.

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