Joe Abercrombie – Last Argument of Kings (The First Law book 3)

Front Cover

Last Argument of Kings is the 3rd and last book in Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law trilogy.  The book ended the series nicely……..I guess.  It wrapped everything up, let’s say that.

The ending.  Oh my god, the ending.  What a horrible ending.  It actually made no logical sense.  No sense at all.  The reasoning.  No sense at all.  Bayaz, no no no.  It seems Abercrombie really likes the vengeance and betrayal theme.  Why did they have to wait 1000 years to exact their vengeance?  No sense at all.

Not very good in comparison to Best Served Cold.  I haven’t read enough of Abercrombie to reference, but it would seem he is better at writing stand-alones rather than big world epic fantasies spanning multiple books.

It’s all just a matter of personal preference, to be honest.  I prefer books with good stories (plots).  I don’t care too much about character or even setting actually.  It just so happens Abercrombie is very good with character and not so good with plot.  So basically, just the wrong author for me.

The trilogy is definitely a must not read, in my opinion.

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