Brandon Sanderson – Legion

Legion is a novella by epic fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson.  It is quite a bit different from Sanderson’s typical epic fantasies.  It is about Stephen Leeds, a man with schizophrenia.  Stephen is a genius by all accounts, but he claims he is rather average and all his ingenuity come from his hallucinations.  Yes, Stephen quite openly admits he does see hallucinations and quite readily admits they are hallucinations, and yet he continues to interacts with some 40 something of them.

Stephen is a bit of a detective, it seems.  Each of his hallucinations have a specialty in something: he has a gun guy, a historian, a Spanish computer guy, etc.  In LegionStephen has been charged with the task of finding a missing camera that could allegedly take pictures from the past.  The inventor of the camera had been using it to try and prove the existence of Jesus.

So-so read I guess.  Not one of my favourite Sanderson books that’s for sure.  How to categorize this book?  Science fiction I suppose.

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