Brandon Sanderson – Emperor’s Soul

The Emperor’s Soul is Brandon Sanderson’s hugo award winning novella.  It takes place on the same planet as Elantris, on Sel but there is no direct connection between the two books or places.  So in essence, one book is not a pre-requisite or co-requisite of the other.  They simply use some of the same place names and have a similar magic system.

The Emperor Ashravan and his queen are attacked by assassins.  The queen dies but the emperor lives, barely.  Ashravan took a pretty nasty blow to his head.  The imperial re-sealers were able to mend the physical wounds, but the emperor’s brain has been left hollow.

Shai has been caught in the imperial palace attempting to steal The Moon Sceptor.  Instead of being executed as she should have been, the empire decides to make use of her forgery skills to forge the emperor’s soul.  That is, to re-create the soul based on fragments of information based on the emperor’s personal journeys and interactions with others.

Shai has 100 days to accomplish this task because that is as much time as the emperor’s supporters are able to explain away the emperor’s absence – 100 days of mourning for his queen.  Shai is in a bit of a pickle as she thinks even if she were able to accomplish this monumental task, the emperor’s supporters would kill her off anyway because of what she knows.  But if she is seen not working on this task, she still dies.  What is a young women to do in this situation?   RAFO

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