Brandon Sanderson – The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive book 1)

Well well, I broke my own rule about reading unfinished epic fantasies with Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings, book 1 in a projected 10 book series Stormlight Archive.  At the time of writing this review, only book 1 has been finished with book 2 scheduled to be published in a few months.  So keeping this in mind, my review will be more of a review of the series more so than the first book.

So first and foremost, what a bad bad name for an epic fantasy series: Stormlight Archive, really?  The title of book 1, The Way of Kings, sounds so, well, epic, but the name of the series is just bad.  Stormlight is the magical essence used in the book, so it’s not as if the name is completely random.  It’s simply bad.  Compare Stormlight Archive with Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time.  One just sounds like an epic fantasy and the other does not.

Alright, so if you have never read Brandon Sanderson, you are missing out.  Despite The Way of Kings being 1000 pages long, it didn’t seem long at all.  Brandon Sanderson’s writing is just so smooth.  I started reading it and before I knew it I was at 40% read, according to my e-book reader.  Soon afterward without me realizing it I was suddenly up to 80%.

Ok so The Way of Kings is a book, presumably written by Nohadon is a guide on how to rule.  Nohadon was a ruler that brought peace to a war torn nation.  This is a book that Dalinor regards highly and tries hard to follow the ideals and to get his nephew, the king, to do the same.

So The Way of Kings being book one of a projected 10 book series we need to be introduced to the characters of course.  Sanderson does this well without hindering the story at all.  The story.  Oh the story.  Brandon Sanderson always has good stories and The Way of Kings is no different.  Once I figured out Sanderson’s style of leaving spoilers, hints, and plot twists in his books, I have started to actively look for these.  I can honestly say, this is the first time ever (hard enough to believe) that I have tried to predict the future of a book.  Normally I am perfectly happy with just being entertained but with The Way of Kings, I am being forced to actually think which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Anyway. there will be more opportunities to discuss the series in later reviews so this is enough for now.  Book 2 of the series Words of Radiance is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2013.  Another awesome title by the way.

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