Roger Zelazny – Nine Princes in Amber (Chronicles of Amber book 1)

Nine Princes in Amber

Nine Princes in Amber is book one in author Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber series.  It is a ten book series with each book occupying a little over 100 pages each.  I fully intended to finish this entire 1200ish page series before writing a review, but here we are.

You can probably guess why I’m not waiting for the series to finish – because it’s not very good.  Let me start by saying this book was first published in the 70s.  In other words, it is now 40 years old.  It’s not the reader’s fault that this book (and I assume series) did not pass the test of time.  And maybe had I read this in the 70s I would have liked it.  But then, I’d have to be born first.

Ok so why don’t I like this book?  First reason is the dialogue.  Oh my is it painful.  Every person sounds exactly the same.  It’s not as bad when a man is talking to a female because the author can remind us who is talking with “he said” and “she said”.  When two males are speaking……….good luck.  This is particularly hard because the author spends no time on character development.  In other words, every character is exactly the same person.

2nd reason (or maybe this should have been first) because I don’t like how the author handled introducing the fantasy world without info dumping.  Maybe this was something cool 40 years ago but not 40 years later.  It’s not even a cliche (I actually wouldn’t have minded if it was), but it was just bad.

Thirdly I dislike how Gods who can make things appear and disappear with their mind in Shadows are left to fight with swords and guns in shadows.

Yup.  It was hard enough finishing this very short book, I am definitely not finishing another book in the series.

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