Robert Jordan – A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time book 7)

Well well, since you’ve made it this far I won’t bother wasting words telling you how awesome A Crown of Swords is or The Wheel of Time series because you already know.  Instead, I’ll just tell how all about book 7 in the series so be warned, this review will likely contain spoilers.

In A Crown of Swords we see the fallout of Dumai’s Wells – Aes Sedai sworn fealty to The Dragon Reborn and the Shaido on the run.  We also meet an Aes Seadi long believed to be dead, Cadsuane.

Moghedien  finally escapes the clutches of Elayne, Nynaeve, and Egwene with some help from Aringar mascaraing as Halima.  Only she escapes one captor to land in the hands of one Moridin with the use of a cour’souvra, a mintrap, created by Shaidar Haran.  

Mat goes to Ebu Dar with Nynaeve and Elayne to find the bowl of the winds which is found by the end of the book.  In Ebu Dar we are introduced to the Kin, almost two thousand women who can channel who have either been put out of the tower or wilders that never went.  Elayne intends to bring them all back to Salidar and train to be Aes Sedai again.

Savanna believes a man, Carridin, is helping her.  Only Carridin is Sammael.  The Nar’baha, traveling box, that Carridin gives Savanna to use is actually a fools box.  Graendal is working with Sammael as she believes he is Nae’blis.  The Watcher is amused by a conversation between the two.

There seems to be a connection between The Watcher, The Wanderer, and Moridin.  All 3 people are able to use the true power only granted by The Dark One himself.  There seems to be some evidence that all three are in fact the same person.  So when The Wanderer helps Rand in his fight against Sammael in Shadar Logoth, was he just following his lord’s orders?  Personally I don’t believe Sammael to be dead.

Oh, and who the heck is Shaidar Haran, the too tall Myrddraal?  Some believe he is an avatar of The Dark One.  I don’t actually know.  As Robert Jordan would have said, RTFO (read to find out).

Oh yes and Padan Fain slashes Rand across the half healed wound given to Rand by Ishamael.  What a crazy crazy little man.



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