Robert Jordan – Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time book 6)

Original cover of Lord of Chaos

Well well, I have finally finished Book 6 of The Wheel of TimeLord of Chaos.  I suppose it’s not surprising that I took so long since it is statistically the longest book in the series.  As such, there is much to talk about in this book.

In Lord of Chaos, a new myrddraal emerges, Shaidar Haran.  Only this myrddraal is taller than all other myrddraal and seems to have some favour with The Dark One.  He is even seen commanding The Forsaken.

The Forsaken jockey for position among themselves in hopes to become Nae’blis, the one who would stand one step below the Great Lord.  Rand has his eyes set on attacking Sammael in Illian.  He recruits both Mat and Perrin to help.  Before he can do that however, emissaries from Salidar and The White Tower occupy Rand’s time.  When Rand refuses to cooperate with either group, The White Tower group capture him.  They are lead by Katerine and Galina who are Black Sisters.

Lews Therrin and Rand Al’Thor become aware of each other’s conscious.  A sign that Rand is going mad?  In one of his ramblings, Lews Therrin reveals that one “must break the seals [to the Dark One’s prison]”.  Fel says that, “[you] have to clear rubble before you can build”.

Rand finds out his mother was Tigraine who was daughter heir to Andor.

On the way to Tar Valon, Rand is rescued by Salidar Aes Sedai (who end up swearing fealty to him), about 200 Atha’manPerrin, a few thousands Aiel and a handful of Meyeners and Cairhienan.

Thakan’dar – Pit of Doom

Bore – hole drilled to the Dark Lords prison

Dark Lord cannot step outside of time

Barid Bel Medar – Demandred’s real name

Mesaana is in the White Tower

Osan’gar and Aran’gar are reborn.  Aran’gar takes up the name Halima who looks like a women but can channel Saidin.

Graendal is in Arad Doman

Semirhage was originally an Aes Sedai and a very good healer


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