Robert Jordan – The Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time book 5)

Fires of Heaven is book 5 in Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy Wheel of Time.  Rand Al’Thor leads all the clans of the Aiel over the Dragonwall to hunt Couladin and his 160,000 Shaido.  It is unclear whether Couladin actually believes he is the Car’a’carn or not.

As each character sets off on their own little journey, some just ultimately get less focus than others in certain books.  This is the case for Perrin Abarya as he does not even show up in Fires of Heaven at all (unless I am mistaken; the problem with long books is it takes me so long to finish it that sometimes I forget details from earlier in the book).  But that’s ok because I know the next few books focus heavily on Perrin and Faile.

As we found out from the last book, Rahvin is playing Queen Morgase as a puppet with convulsion.  Finally Morgase is able to keep her head on long enough to escape, leaving Andor with the first king in history.  Rumour has it that Gabriel killed Morgase and so Rand is posed to avenge her, for Elayne.  Rand has become quite a bit stronger and more knowledgeable with the power since Asmodean’s teachings.  

Moghedien continues her personal vendetta against Nynaeve who naively (yes pun intended) believes she is a match for the Forsaken.  Mat continues to amaze himself at the knowledge he has gained from Rhudion.  Siuan and Leane find their ways to Salidar where those Aes Sedai sisters who oppose Elaida are staying.  Those sisters even manage to find themselves a general to attack The White Tower.

The fate of three of the Forsaken are revealed in this book: Lanfear and Moiraine fall through a ter’angreal and both are believed to be dead.  Rand kills Rhavin with the help of Nynaeve in Caemlyn and one of the biggest mysteries of the whole series, somebody kills Asmodean.  

And the possibly random facts of the book:

There must be a way to cleanse saidin

Sammael’s real name is Tel Jarnin Aellinsar who betrayed the gates of heaven.

Culan Cuhan?

Asmodean’s real name is Joar Addam Nessosin.

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