Robert Jordan – The Shadow Rising (Wheel of Time book 4)

The Shadow Rising is book 4 in Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy The Wheel of Time.  I know the word epic gets thrown around quite a bit, but for The Wheel of Time it truly is the case.  If you weren’t sure about the scope of the series before, there should be no doubt about it after reading The Shadow Rising.

To date (A memory of Light not yet being out), The Shadow Rising is the longest book in the Wheel of Time series.  I suppose it’s not surprising considering this is the first book where the main characters do not all end up at the same destination at the end.  In the previous books the characters did go off in different directions, but in this book they really do start having their own story arcs.

Elayne and Nynaeve hunt the black ajah.  Padan Fain keeps to his promise and attacks The Two Rivers.  One of the ta’veren goes home to defend his home.  Siuan Sanche is deposed!! Egwene has found somebody to teach her about dream walking.  Perrin meets a foe in the wolf dreams.  Mat finally makes a bargain he may not have gotten the better end of.

The Aiel have revealed that they are the prophesized People of the Dragon.  However, there are still among the Aiel who aren’t even sure that Rand Al’Thor actually is the Dragon Reborn.  The Aiel are not the only ones as there are many others who are plotting to kill him and not just the Forsaken.

Rand enters Rhudien in the Three-Fold Land otherwise known as the Aiel Waste.  From there he learns just exactly who the Aiel are and where they came from.  Read the book if you wish to find out.  Rand also battles Asmodean at the end of the book.

Here is a rather witty quote from a rather annoying character,

That would be just like you, to die and leave me the work of burying you.  You have no consideration.

And as I started last review, here are my random names and facts which will may or may not be important later on.


Miasma – Bubbles of evil

Lothair Mantelar – founder of the Whitecloaks

flaring halo of gold and blue around Logain’s head

Jeade’en – True Finder



Tower of Ghenjei

Gitara Moroso – Aes Sedai with the foretelling.

Jasin Natael – Gleeman

Lord Gaebril in Caemlyn – Rahvin

Isam controls trollocs?

Mierin – Lanfear

Joar Addam Nesossin – Asmodean

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