Robert Jordan – The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time book 2)

Descendants of Artur Hawkwing’s armies have crossed the Aryth Ocean and returned in The Great Hunt, book 2 in the Wheel of Time series.  Rand Al’Thor hunts the great horn and the Ruby Hilted Dagger that is linked to Mat.   The Horn of Valere is supposed to call heroes back from the grave to fight shadowspawn.

The grave is no bar to my call

What I don’t quite understand is why everybody in the book just willingly accepts that the horn actually WILL call heroes back from the dead.  I understand in a world with the one power and the Dark One threatening to break lose that anything is possible, but calling heroes back from the dead seems kind of far fetched, especially for people who haven’t even seen the trollocs or know who or what the Forsaken are.  I’m just nitpicking of course.

One of several things that impresses me about Wheel of Time is the amount of foreshadowing in Jordan’s books as early as the 1st one.  Here is one that is almost overlooked because of the situation.

No one can rally around a woman who must scrub floors and pots all day.  Pity her, yes, but not rally to her.

I suppose you will have to have read to one of the last few books to understand.

For the first few books at least, Robert Jordan has a final battle at the end of the book.  The one at the end of The Great Hunt is particularly good.  Off the top of my head the only ones that are comparable is the one at the end of book 3, The Dragon Reborn, and book 12, Towers of Midnight, which may or may not have been written by Robert Jordan himself.

Great book.  There are complaints about Robert Jordan’s books later on (starting from book 7 maybe?) that the plot lines seem to stall.  This is not the case for book 2 though as we move through the book at a quick pace as we are introduced to the Seanchan.  Great series.

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