Robert Jordan – The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time book 3)

Rand has proclaimed himself The Dragon Reborn in The Wheel of Time book 3, The Dragon Reborn.  Well, it’s been proclaimed in any case.  Prophecy states that when The Dragon Reborn wields Callandor, the Sword That Cannot Be Touched, the Sword That Is Not a Sword, the impregnable fortress known as the Stone of Tear will fall.

Rand is starting to accept his destiny and is trying to face the prophecy sooner rather than later because he knows he is going mad.

Perrin too is accepting that he has this strange connection with wolves.  He is beginning to learn something of what he calls the wolf dreams.

It seems all the Forsaken are loose now.  They all seem to be hiding out and plotting their own plots for the moment.  If book 2, The Great Hunt, introduced us to the SeanChen, then The Dragon Reborn tells us a bit more about the Aiel.  

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I think it’s really cool that every city, every race, and every species has their own name for trollocs, Forsaken, The Dark One, etc.  It just makes sense.

If I am not mistaken, The Dragon Reborn is the last book where all major characters are together in one place.  Surly they will meet again in the last book, A Memory of Light, right?

Starting with this review I have decided to do something different for the reviews of these books, and possibly for other long series’ as well.   (Stormlight Archives anyone?)  I am just going to put random thoughts and names down at the bottom.  I won’t even bother to put them in complete sentences.  Call these musings if you wish, but I like to think of them as threads in the pattern that need to be resolved at some point.  This will act as a review for myself when the final book comes out (January 8th, apparently).  They may or may not be spoilers, so read below this point at your own risk, but in truth none of it will make sense unless you’ve actually read the book.

Theodrin and Faolain leads Nynaeve and Egwene to the Amyrlin Seat

Beldeine and Gyldan appear in Egwene’s testing for the accepted

Tel’aran’rhiod linked with test to be accepted

Amico Nagoyin, Joiya Byir, Rianna, Chesmal Emry, Marillin Gemalphin all left the tower with Liandrin

Corianin Nedeal was the last dreamer and studied all the ter’angreal stolen from the tower


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