Brandon Sanderson – Hero of Ages (Mistborn book 3)

Holy.  It almost doesn’t seem possible that one man can have such a brilliant mind.  And yet, here it is, Brandon Sanderson has proven in Mistborn: The Hero of Ages that he indeed has a brilliant mind.

The Hero of Ages is the third and last book in the Mistborn trilogy.  It is far and away the best book in the series, if only because it uncovers the destination that Sanderson has lead us to all along.

If you remember from my book 2 review, I wasn’t overly happy with the book.  I felt the majority of the book was a filler until the very end plot twist.  But damn what a plot twist it was!!

And then book 3, geez.  I honestly only started reading Brandon Sanderson because he was the one __________ enough selected to finish The Wheel of Time series.  I can’t really think of a word to fill in the blank at the moment.  My initial thought was “unlucky” because no matter how good he does in the series, people will always wish Robert Jordan was the one to finish.  But then I am living proof that the mere fact that his name is on the cover has increased his popularity.  And if Mistborn is any indication, Sanderson definitely has the talents to stand on his own merits as an author.

The magic system that Sanderson created in Mistborn is awesome.  He uses elements of “real life” Science and turns it into a magic system.  His discussions of religion interwoven throughout the book were not forced or preachy at all.  My vocabulary is not big enough to come up with a suitable adjective to describe just how awesome the story is.

There is a standalone Mistborn novel set in present day, so I may have to pick that up at some point.  But damn, Sanderson has so many other books out that have raving reviews.  At present, he is the only author that I actually want to read everything that he has written.  That’s saying quite a bit I think.


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