Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Five Orange Pips (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 5)

Sherlock Holmes is visited by John Openshaw in the late hours of a stormy night in England in the short story The Five Orange Pips.  Needless to say, the case is of the utmost importance – the Openshaw family appears to be cursed and five orange pips are sent to them warning them of their impending doom.

Well I must say of the five Sherlock Holmes stories I have read so far, this one is by far the worst.  The story itself is uninteresting and the case is solved by Holmes without any details or facts.  There is absolutely no reader engagement at all.  Poorly written and executed mystery and short story.

edit: Actually after some further musings, had I known more about late 18 hundred sea ports in and around London it might have provided some further clues; I did, however, note the importance of that though.  So I guess I wasn’t completely baffled.

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