Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 3)

In Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, take up a missing persons case.  Miss Mary Sutherland‘s betrothed had gone missing on the way to church.  Mr. Hosmer Angel stepped into a cab and when the cab reached its destination, he was nowhere to be seen.

Well, Mr. Hosmer Angel was obviously a phony with the typewritten letters, but what was his objective?  If it was for Miss Sutherland‘s money, what didn’t he go through with the wedding?  Why is it that only Miss Sutherland is worried about Mr. Angel‘s disappearance?

This short story was even shorter than the previous two Sherlock Holmes short stories that I read.  It was also probably my least favourite so far.  There were a lot of things about this case that just didn’t make sense and even Sherlock Holme‘s explanation was unsatisfactory to me.

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