Brandon Sanderson – Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn book 1)


Mistborn: The Final Empire is book one of author Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.  In this book the Lord Ruler oppresses its people.  The Lord Ruler has been a tyrant for many centuries, leading the people to believe he is a god, albeit an evil one.  Ash continually falls from the sky and a dreary mist keeps the skaa, a race of slaves, from going out at night.

Kelsier is a half-breed, half nobleman, half skaa.  He fancies himself a hero and attempts to stir the skaa into rebellion.  His goal is the topple the final empire, mostly by himself but with the help of some of his thieving crew.  The survivor of Hathsin is well known for his use of allomancy, his bravery, and his stupidity.

Allomancy is the magic system used in Mistborn.  It requires the burning of metals enhance certainly abilities like strength and leaping abilities.  Sanderson did a fantastic job explaining his magic system, both the uses and its limitations.

Vin is a bit of an apprentice to Kelsier.  She is a lowly member of a thieving crew.  She does however have some innate abilities that thrust her as the main heroine.  Kelsier recruits her to infiltrate and spread rumours among the great houses.

Honestly this book is amazing.  I now intend to pick up and read all of Brandon Sanderson’s books.

I do have one complain about this book and perhaps it is just the ebook version I have, but there is no distinguishable changes of scenes besides the end of chapters.  One moment we are following a particular character and his point of view and immediately in the next paragraph, not even with a line break, we get thrust into another characters point of view.  I’m also not sure about the epilogue.  Why did Sanderson say so much about the Lord Ruler?  He should have left it to the readers to try and figure out.  Also judging by the titles of the next couple books in the series, hindsight is great, history appears to be destined to repeat itself so we would eventually find out what happened anyways.

Brilliant book.


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