Robin Hobb – Assassin’s Quest (Farseer trilogy book 3)


Fitz is alive after his death and burial but more wolf than man.  Burrich and Chade are trying to retrain him to be a man.  Assassin’s Quest is the 3rd and final book in the absolutely thrilling fantasy series The Farseer Trilogy.

Fitz and company seek out Verity.  They have to go well past the Mountain Kingdom to places where roads no longer exist.  Where are the Elderlings that Verity went to seek out?

Regal attempts to stop Fitz at all costs and tries to make sure Verity cannot return to claim his throne.  He now has coteries of his own to battle both brother and nephew with the Skill.

I’m pretty sure only a woman could have come up with this humorous sequence.

Man to woman having contractions: “Shouldn’t you be lying down?”
Woman: “I tried that.  It really hurts if I’m lying down and a pain comes.”

Man: “Then you should stand up, I suppose.  Of course”.

The Fool is by far one of the best side characters I have ever come across.  His witty comments are absolutely brilliant.  Her witty comments?

The chapters in this final book seem uncomfortably long.  If I can’t even finish a chapter in one sitting, that’s a problem for me.  Why, if dragons exist in this world and they are known as dragons, why are they also called Elderlings?  Those are my only real complaints about the last book and entire series.

I was very worried that the author was going to leave the explanation of The Forging out, but alas, in the very last chapter of the book it is revealed what it is, how it is done, and the origins behind it.  It certainly was an explanation; I’m not too sure how I feel about it though.  Forging still required the Skill but there had never been any indication that the Red-Ship Raiders had any…..

The Farseer Trilogy was amazing.  I guess you could say it was your typical coming of age, heroes quest story, but one would miss so much by simply categorizing it as such.  The series was written entirely in the first person point of view and it worked wonderfully for the most part.  The author still had to cheat at times in order to tell the entire story.

Great great story that every one should read at some point.  I’m not going to suggest that people run out and buy the books and read them immediately, but it’s a story that needs to be heard.  I know Robbin Hobb has written other trilogies after The Farseer Trilogy that continue the story, but I won’t be reading those.  I’ve already gotten everything I need out of this story, if that makes sense.


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