Robin Hobb – Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy book 2)


Royal Assassin is book 2 in Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy.  Prince Regal’s plot has been thwarted but there is not enough to punish him.  FitzChivalry has become more like a prince since coming back to Buckkeep from the Mountains but that only makes him more of a target.

The Forged ones are converging towards Buckkeep.  No one is quite sure why.  The Red-Ship raiders continue to assault the Six Duchies and they are getting dangerously close to Buckkeep itself.  Prince Verity is exhausting himself to protect his land and his inheritance while Prince Regal indulges himself in fine wine and entertainment.

As it becomes clear that Prince Verity cannot defend the Six Duchies alone, he embarks on a quest to find help.  Regal seizes this opportunity to take power away from an aging and ailing King Shrewd.

Since FitzChivalry has grown up he no longer accidentally stumbles in on conversations as he did in book 1, but now all actions seem to run through him.  Fool says Fitz “shall be the death of kings” but also has the potential to shape the future.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Royal Assassin as I did Assassin’s Apprentice.  After reading up on some Robin Hobb stuff I found out that the Farseer Trilogy actually extends beyond these 3 books which I am extremely excited about even though they don’t quite seem to have the popularity as Farseer Trilogy.

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