Terry Brooks – Antrax (Shannara series book 14)


Antrax is book 2 in Terry Brook’s trilogy The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara which in turn is part of the larger Shannara series books also by Terry Brooks.  In this book, the Ilse Witch must come to terms with her past and confront who she really is.  Our company of heroes and villains penetrate deep into the Castledown ruins to find the magic they came all this way to find, but Antrax has other plans in mid.

Antrax is a being created from the old world and the old sciences; it’s creators creators have long since vanished but Antrax continues on with what it was programmed to do.  But Antrax needs power and energy to do what it needs to do and this power and energy comes in the form of modern day magic.

The story moves at such a fast pace that when the book ends, it feels as if it was really short, which it was when compared to the 350,000 word books that some fantasy authors are pumping out these days.  Once again though, I would have liked Terry Brooks to combine the last 2 books, or even all 3 of the trilogy just to avoid the cliffhanger stuff.

I’m pretty sure I said this already with book 1, The Ilse Witch, but it’s worth mentioning again that The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara is definitely Terry Brook’s best work so far out of all the books and series’ that I have read of his.  The author’s skill has definitely been improving over the years.

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