Richard Ford – The Dragons of Lencia (Lencia trilogy book 1)

A gentlemen at Mongoose Publishing has been kind enough to send me an e-book titled The Dragons of Lencia by Richard Ford to review.  Below is the synopsis given which peaked my interest.

The Kingdom of Lencia. For almost two-and-a-half millennia she has looked
over the waters of the Tentarias towards the lands lost to her during the
Darkdawn War. Now Telnac, King of Lencia, plans to launch a crusade against
the Drakkarim of Nyras and restore his country to its former glory.
Meanwhile, Warmarshal Ranghor of Darke, overlord of the Drakkarim nation,
plans a conquest of his own. Heroes from across Magnamund will be drawn into
this bitter conflict in search of glory and riches, but as the armies of two
warring nations clash, they will soon learn that only pain and death await
them in the land of the blue dragon.

Half way through the book, a little over 100 kindle pages, and I still haven’t learned the names of the main characters.  This is in part to do to the names being hard to pronounce in English and because each scene involving the characters is extremely short.  Yes, most of the time there are several scenes in a row involving the same characters, but the breaking of the scenes make it feel so disjointed they might as well be different characters in each scene.

The editing of this book is absolutely atrocious.  Mistakes range from grammatical errors like writing he instead of him to entire omission of certain words in a sentence.  Several times I would have to re-read a sentence over and over to try and figure out which word is missing.  This is tedious and time consuming.  I wish I could say these mistakes are few and far between, but it’s more like on average two to three per page.

Doing an Amazon search for ‘Dragons of Lencia‘ , you get three search results:

The Dragons of Lencia (Lencian Trilogy) by Richard Ford (Kindle Edition – Sep 22, 2011) – Kindle eBook
Buy: $4.99
Auto-delivered wirelessly


Lone Wolf: The Dragons of Lencia – Book 1 of the Lencian Trilogy by Richard Ford (Paperback – Dec 9, 2008)

Now all three appear to be the same book of different formats, but why do they all have different “first book” titles?

The story itself is actually pretty god.  The use of prose is a little weak, but whatever.  It seems clear that the author intended to use this book 1 to set up all the various heroes in the story, but since the book is so short (243 Kindle pages), he could have easily put the entire trilogy together into one book.  Now the author very well could have intended it this way but the publishers and editors might have wanted something different, but that’s not for me to say.


The ending is great, very reminiscent of the late Robert Jordan.  Looking back, I am quite surprised how much the author was able to get through in such a short book.  I am very much looking forward to reading book 2, hopefully with all those grammatical errors from book 1 eliminated.

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