Terry Brooks – Angel Fire East (Shannara Series book 12)


Angel Fire East is Terry Brooks’s 3rd and final book in the Word and the Void trilogy which is part of the greater Shannara series.  You wouldn’t know how Word and the Void ties into the Shannara series just by reading the three books, however.  I can’t remember who tricked me now, but I was definitely tricked into thinking that Angel Fire East would be the tie in to the bigger Shannara series.  Alas, I shall have to wait until I read the Genesis of Shannara trilogy.

Every time John Ross crosses Nest Freemark‘s life something extreme is bound to happen, for Nest at least; it is no different this time in Angel Fire East which takes place ten years after A Knight of the Word and 15 years after Running with the Demon.  In Angel Fire East, John Ross is given the task to capturing a gypsy morph.  A gypsy morph is a being forged of magic capable of morphing into anything.  John Ross must protect the gypsy morph until it makes its final transformation before the 30 day average lifespan of a morph.

John Ross does not actually know what to do with the morph except bring it to Nest in Hopewell because it once spoke Nest’s name shortly after it was created.  The speaking of Nests name is the only form of communication the gypsy morph has given.  Nest of course has no idea who or what the gypsy morph is and tries in vain to communicate with it.

All the while an unusually strong demon, Findo Gask, is hunting John Ross and the gypsy morph.  Findo Gask enlists the aid of other lesser demons to help with the cause.

Angel Fire East was not quite as enjoyable to read for me as A Knight of the Word, but certainly it was good and definitely a must read in the entire grand scheme of the Shannara series.  As I said though, you will have to have patience and continue reading onto the  Genesis of Shannara series to fully understand how this all is connected to the Shannara series.  Based on the ending you can probably make an educated guess as to who or what the gypsy morph becomes, but I would rather wait and hear the explanation from Terry Brooks which, as I understand, is very well done.

Based on Terry Brook’s suggested reading order for the Shannara series, next up would be The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy starting with Ilse Witch.    That being said, I am VERY tempted to jump straight to the Genesis of Shannara series just to see the tie in of the Word and the Void and Genesis of Shannara with the Shannara series.  We shall see.



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