Terry Brooks – A Knight of the Word (Shannara series book 11)


A Knight of the Word is book 2 in the trilogy Word and the Void.  You may recall in my review of Running with the Demon that I did not enjoy book 1 at all.  Let me start this review by saying A Knight of the Word is SO much better!!

John Ross has fallen from grace; his faith in the Word and his work for it comes into question.  He quits being a Knight of the Word……….in his mind at least.  This leaves Ross vulnerable to both the Void who wants the magic for themselves and the Word who wants to prevent the Void from having the magic.

The Lady has sent someone to try and warn John of the dangers he is in.  This person is an old friend of John and must try to convince John to take up the cause again.  Nest Freemark is of course that old friend.  The Demon sees the threat that Nest is and tries to eliminate her before she can become an influence on John.

Like Running with the Demon, A Knight of the Word takes place in “modern day” America.  Book 2 is just so much more action packed than book 1 and the story is better.  Brooks also does not have to “waste time” setting up the back drop to the setting which is so different from the rest of the Shannara series.  The big secret of who The Demon was was not really that mysterious, but I do not think that was the intention.

*spoiler alert for book 3* – I heard book 3, Angel Fire East, really ties Word and the Void trilogy with the rest of the Shannara books so I cannot wait.  *end spoiler*

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