T.H. White – The Witch in the Wood (The Once and Future King book 2)


The Witch in the Wood is book 2 in author T.H. White’s YA fantasy series, The Once and Future King, about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.   This book is quite a bit shorter than book 1, The Sword in the Stone.

Now that King Arthur has become king he must perform all the duties of a king: fight wars and manage his citizens.  With the help of his tutor, King Arthur learns about the reasons why people go to war and Merlyn insists that there never is a good reason for war, but never the less, war has been waged on King Arthur’s kingdom because of grudges from generations past.

In The Witch in the Wood we also get to see the childhood of a few youngster, Gawain, Agravaine, Lancelot (only brief mentions), Gareth, Gaheris, Lamorak (brief mentions) and Percivale who all later become Knights of the Round table.

At the end of the book we are also introduced to Mordred‘s orgin and a foreshadowing of the end of King Arthur.

Despite this being such a short book there were still parts that were kind of boring.  Oh well, the overarching theme and story is still there.

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