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Lillian: A Vampire Tale is a short story about a female vampire based of Bertena Varney’s role playing character.  It’s about a rich English woman who falls in love with a vampire.

I have some concerns regarding this story.  The two main characters of the story, Lillian and Alex, have no face or physical features!!  Ok, not literally, but the readers don’t know what they look like.

…….. the tall, dark stranger whispered.

Lillian was captivated instantly by this man. He was…beautiful. His smile made her knees weak and her stomach tighten.

This is all the description you are going to find for Alex.  I think there is a contradiction there too as the author also mentions later that Alex was pale, like all vampires, because he avoided the sun.  Lillian’s description is even more lacking as she was simply described as “beautiful” by the men in this story.  All characters were either beautiful or handsome.

There were other little tid bits here and there that I didn’t like, but I won’t mention them here as it didn’t really detract from the story.

The story itself was………..odd.  I guess maybe I have to be one of Stephanie Myers many Twilight fans to fully appreciate the story.  The whole dynamics of the story just didn’t make sense to me.  The situation felt phony.  Lillian, as a character, did not seem to make real life choices at all.

The story did not advance the vampire lore any. I guess you would call it a romance, but where was the romance? After the initial hellos they become “inseparable”. I apologize to the authors but the story just didn’t work for me.

The story can be read or downloaded here http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66049 for free!!

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