>R.A. Salvatore – Transcendence (Demon Wars II Saga book 2)

>Transcendence (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 2)

Transcendence is far away the best book in the entire Demon Wars I and Demon Wars II saga so far (with one more I have yet to read).  As much as I enjoyed book 1, book 2 is even better!!

Brynn Dharielle is the elvin trained ranger who was the peer of Aydrian Wyndon.  Unlike Aydrian though, she actually became a full fledged ranther.  She was trained in order to return to her home of To-Gai-Ru and free her people of the oppressive Behrenese.

The Behrenese are a strange lot that follow the Chezru religion that believe in the God Voice.  It is believed that the Chezru Chieftain, Yakim Douan, is transcended (basically reincarnated) each time he reaches a certain age and the new infant keeps all the memories of past Chieftains.  It is later found out near the end of the book that Transcendence is a big lie and as a result the whole Chezru religion turns to shambles.  I always criticize authors for introducing new cultures without going deep into it, but this is not the case in Transcendence; the entire culture is develoepd quite well.

What I really enjoyed about Transcendence is the war between To-Gai-Ru, lead by Brynn, and Behren.  To-Gai-Ru are completely outnumbered so they must rely on hit-and-run, stealth like tatics with the help of a beastly ally.  For those who read The Sword of Truth, you may remember Khalan’s battle with Emperor Jagang, well this battle in Transcendence is much more detailed and just oh so much better.

Ok I kind of cheated and finished the last book, Immortalis, before finishing this book (review to come shortly) so I can definitively say yes, Transcendence is the best book in both sagas.

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