R.A. Salvatore – Immortalis (Demon Wars II book 3)

Immortalis (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 3)


The entire Demon Wars saga ends with this 7th book, Immortalis, book 3 in the Demon Wars II trilogy.  The much anticipated meeting of Brynn and Aydrian takes place in this book as well the grduge between Pony and Marcalo De’Unnero is finally settled again.  Lastly, it answered the question of why Father Abbot Markwart reformed right at the end of his life.  Really well thought out in my opinion.

The only bad thing about this book was that it followed Transendence which, if you remember from my review, was simply brilliant.  Instead of going into great detail about this book, rather I’ll talk about the entire series as a whole.

Demon Wars I was so so.  Not so good but no so bad either.  The entire concept of the magic gems kind of threw me off.  Basically anybody who had the gems and knew the know how of them could use them to various degress of course, but they could use them.  So what makes them so special?

I did not like how Salvatore started each part with a rather long monologue by one of the characters.  At first I thought it might be the so called oracle, but it turned out that even those who were not elven trained were able to “talk to themselves”.  There are definitely more subtle ways to show the feelings of a character and impart lessons on the reader.

Mortalis was a necessary bridge gap between Demon Wars I and Demon Wars II, but it was too long for what it was.  Having the information in an epilogue of The Demon Apostle, the last book of the Demon Wars I trilogy would have sufficed.

Demon Wars II was brilliant.  Action packed from start to finish.  Salvatore’s development of the Behrenese culture and Chezru reigion were awesome.

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