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Awesome.  Simply awesome.  No other adjectives are required to describe Ascendance, book 1 of the Demon Wars part 2 saga.  Already I am liking part 2 more than part 1.

The Demon Wars part 2 saga takes place once generation after The Demon Wars part 1 saga ends.  Ascendance has a bit on the daily life of Jilseponie as the new queen of Honce-the-Bear, but by in large it follows Aydrian Wyndon.  Uh oh, did I give away too much about his parentage?

Aydrian is a ranger in training in Touel’alfar.  It is clear he has the potential to be the greatest ranger ever because of his prowess with the blade and the magical gem stones.  What shall he do with his powers?  Read to find out.

There is one thing I didn’t like about this book though.  Aydrian was locked in a fight to the death with a certain enemy when suddenly both men dropped their defenses and weapons at the same time and came to the same realization that they shouldn’t be enemies.  How exactly does that happen?

Ending could have been longer to.  Such a big build up for such a short ending.

Good series so far.  I want to say you could actually skip The Demon Wars part 1 and start right at part 2 since I didn’t like part 1 too much.  You probably could since Ascendance gives you a pretty good summary of what happen in The Demon Wars part 1.  Some might still feel they are missing something though.

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