>Terry Brooks – Indomitable (Sword of Shannara book 4)

>Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King

Indomitable is a short story by Terry Brooks in the Legends II collection.  It takes place 2 years after book 3, Wishsong of Shannara.  A remnant of the Ildatch has survived and it is up to Jair Ohmsford to destroy it.

Do you know how I know Terry Brooks didn’t have the entire series in mind when he wrote Shannara?  He keeps making stuff up as he goes along!!  In book 1 The Sword of Shannara was the only magic available that could accomplish their task.  In book 2 you could only use the Elfstones.  In book 3 you could only use the Wishshong, but what happened to the all mighty and powerful Sword and Elfstones?  And now in Indomitable, only Jair Ohmsford can destroy the remaining Ildatch page.  Why?  Why couldn’t it be Brin like it was last time?  I understand Brooks has been writing Shannara books for the last 30 years, but please doesn’t just give us different characters each book with newer and more powerful powers.

Well anyways, I wasn’t a big fan of this short story in the context of the whole Shannara series.  It just seemed like some haphazard bone Terry Brooks threw at us to keep us interested as we await the next book.  The short story itself would make no sense as a standalone short story without any of the history or story in book 3, so I guess it’s just not very good.

The rest of the Shannara series are prequels and such so it doesn’t seem like we have to worry about the whole “I just invented a new magic power that is stronger than the rest” issue.  Now if the prequels have some kind of amulet that has even more power than The Sword, The Elfstones, or The Wishshong, I am going to rage.  “Book 5” is a graphic novel, so that should be interesting.

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