>R.A. Salvatore – Mortalis (Demon Wars I book 4)

>Mortalis (The Demonwars Saga)

In Mortalis, it is up to Jilseponie Wyndon and a young generation of monks to clean up the mess left behind by the Demon Dactyl, Bestesbulzibar.  In this book they must fighte the Rosy Plague.

Since almost all the hand-to-hand combat fighting has finished in the series, Salvatore was able to focus on the politics in Mortalis.  A new father abbot needed to be appointed as well as lesser abbots and a baronness.  Everybody wants Pony to take those jobs.

Pony, however, was too lost in grief and had the Rosy Plague to fight.  There was apparently no cure for the Rosy Plague until some random insight came to Pony.  I didn’t like the supposid antecdote one bit.

But despite that, I must say that Mortalis is by far the best book in the entire series so far.  I didn’t much care for all the fight scenes in the previous books that Salvatore is famous for anyways.  The pacing of the book was awesome.  I loved all the jostling for position and power.

Though I must say this entire book seemed kind of like an epilogue to The Demon Wars I saga.  A necessary transition book into The Demon Wars II saga no doubt though.

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