>David Eddings – The Saphire Rose (Elenium Trilogy book 3)

>The Sapphire Rose
The Saphire Rose is the 3rd and final book in David Eddings’s trilogy, Elenium.  Everything is wrapped up in the book.
Well let me start by saying The Saphire Rose was a lot better than The Ruby Knight.  For the first half of The Saphire Rose it was all politics; I loved it.  There was even a whole bit on what you need to win in a proportional representation vote.  As a Math person myself, all the calculations being made were great.
As you may know by now, I really like quotes.  Here is one I really liked in this book,

You’re in politics and I in theft.  I’ll leave it up to God to decide which is more dishonest.

The similarities between “Blue Rose” and The Orb in The Belgariad and The Malloreon are too great to ignore.  They are exactly the same object with the same personality and the same powers.  I wish David Eddings would have did something about that.
The series itself was ok I suppose, though book 2 really ruins the whole thing for me.  All the parts where the characters are journeying weren’t too interesting to me.  I can now see why The Elenium does not have the recognition of Eddings’s previous 2 works.  The characters will be starting a new adventure in Tamuli, but I don’t forsee myself reading it now or ever.

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