>David Eddings – The Diamond Throne (Elenium trilogy book 1)

>The Diamond Throne

10 years after his exile, Sparhawk, the Queen’s Champion, has returned.  The Pandion Knight has returned to protect his queen who just ascended the throne because her father had died from sickness.  And thus begins the Elenium trilogy with book 1, The Diamond Throne.

Sparhawk returns only to find that his queen has fallen ill.  The only thing keeping her alive is some magic that has encased her in a diamond prism.  The magic only works as long as the 12 knights and Sephrenea, the Styric tutor, remain alive.  Somebody seems to be speeding up the process of the Queen’s death by killing off these knights.  It is then discovered that Ehlana, the Queen, has not simply fallen ill but has been poisoned.

Magic is not predominant in the series and there really is only vague references to what it can do.  Even the people who can use magic are very limited in it.  The most important aspect in this book, and probably series, is political life.  Politicians are scheming to gain status and rise in rank.

Just as in The Belgariad and The Malloreon, The Diamond throne does not have a clear cut ending; the queen is not cured by the end of the book.  I no longer care whether that is a good thing or bad thing; it’s just David Eddings’s thing

From my understanding The Elenium trilogy does not have the recognition that The Belgariad or The Malloreon has and I’m not too sure why.  Personally I find it great.  It’s more mature than either The Belgariad or The Malloreon.

If you needed confirmation on how good this book is know that I finished the whole book in less than a day.  For a book a little over 400 pages long, that’s quite an accomplishment for me.  That’s how good this book is.

edit: I just finished book 2 of this series.  The review can be found here: book 2: The Ruby Knight review.  The series turned bad in a hurry.  I suggest you DO NOT read this series.

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