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The Malloreon is David Eddings’s next series following the Belgariad Series.  There is a new set of prophecies for Belgarion and company to decipher in Guardians of the West, book 1 in the Malloreon series.

A new child of the dark has emerged and inevitably it is up to Belgarion to defeat him.  There is no longer an orb to chase, but now it is a race to save a child.  No no, it is not Errand, though he does play a mysteriously significant role.

Right away I can already tell The Malloreon series is going to be better than the Belgariad series.  At the moment it’s hard for me to say why, but I just really like the pacing and style of Guardians of the West.  The 2nd half at least is action packed.  It really is just more of the same, just better for some reason.

There are some series that, despite taking place in the same world, can be read in any order.  This is not the case with Guaridans of the West or the rest of the Malloreon series.  You must read the Belgariad series first.

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