>R.A. Salvatore – Exile (Dark Elf trilogy book 2)


Exile begins a decade after Drizzt runs away from house Do’Urden.  Drizzt has been merely surviving in the Under Dark.

Simply being alive and surviving is no longer enough for Drizzt; he seeks companionship, but he knows he can no longer return to Menzo Berinsow.  He thinks he finds a home with the Deep Gnomes only to find out that he is being hunted by a very powerful foe which will put any friends he has in danger.

Well I certainly can’t say that Exile was better than Homeland or even as good, but it did continue the story which was good.  Is R.A. Salvatore known for creating annoying says or what?  It was “Ho ho what!” in Demon Wars and now “Magga camara” in Dark Elf trilogy. So annoying!!

I only noticed it slightly in Homeland but the shifting points of view in Exile was very noticeable.  It just doesn’t make sense how we, as the reader, don’t know anything because we are following a character that doesn’t know anything just to have the narrator take over and give us every piece of information and more.

Anyways at the end of the book Drizzt makes a decision that I think we were all expecting since the very beginning.  Read the book to find out you are probably right.

Oh oh oh, I almost forgot (good thing I take notes while reading).  There was a very profound thing that was said in this book; since Drizzt has forsaken the Spider Queen God, the God has no power over him.  I’ll just leave that statement here and let you interpret it as you will.

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