>Megan McDonald – Judy Moody Goes to College (illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds)

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Judy Moody is a 3rd grader who is struggling in Math in Judy Moody Goes to College.  Her parents send her to a tutor who is a college student.

In college Judy learns that there is more to Math than just worksheets and flashcards.  Her tutor, Chloe, is a free spirit and Judy tries to mimick her.  Judy ends up loving Math.  As a Math teacher I could only wish it was that easy to get kids into Math.

The length and vocabulary of this book is very appropriate for a 3rd grader – beginning chapter novel.  I don’t think it was all that exciting though.  Every book needs a purpose in my opinion – be it entertainment or educational.  I don’t think this book served either purpose.  No way a 3rd grader is going to pick this book up and suddenly fall in love with Math after reading it.  There really was nothing in the book that was suspense worthy or make the reader want to continue reading.

Judy Moody is a series published by Scholastic but there are definitely better books out there.

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