>David Eddings – Queen of Sorcery (Belgariad book 2)


The quest to retrieve the stolen orb continues in Queen of Sorcery, book 2 of the Belgariad series; the dry voice inside Garion’s head makes itself known and Polgara becomes even more assertive.

A little bit more about Garion’s past is revealed to him in Queen of Sorcery.  I have an issue here; pretty much everyone in the book knows that Garion is The King of Riva except him.  Why?  Well pretty much everyone except Garion knows about the prophecies related to him, except him.  This is probably the reason why his Aunt Pol never taught him how to read.  But come on now, I mentioned in my review of Pawn of Prophecy, book 1 of the series, how Garion was stupid, but really?  THIS stupid??

Apparently the dry voice has always been with Garion but it wasn’t that of Asharak. And yet both managed to evade the detection of Polgara, probably the 2nd most powerful sorcerer behind Balgarath at this point?  It doesn’t really seem to make sense.  And then when Polgara finds out about him she doesn’t appear all that concerned.

Well the title Pawn of Prophecy was clearly about Garion so I suppose the title Queen of Sorcery is about Polgara.  She does show just how powerful she is with sorcery.  Garion himself begins to show what powers he possess.

Once again the book follows one central group of characters from beginning to end with a couple members of the group going off on their own.  Those members meet back up.  The book ends before Polgara and company are able to extract the story of where they were and what they did.

Just like with Pawn of Prophecy, I feel like the book came to an arbitrary ending simply to make the book shorter, perhaps easier to read?  Ah well, got to keep reading to find out what becomes of Belgarion.  Oops, did I just give away a spoiler?

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