>David Eddings – Magician’s Gambit (Belgariad book 3)


In Magician’s Gambit, Belgarion and co. are hunting Ctuchik who has the orb of Aldur.  They must go into the the Angarak sorcerer’s own fortress, Rak Cthol, and battle the disciple of Torak.

Belgarion is finally starting to understand The Will and The Word.  You just will something to happen and it happens.  In my review of Pawn of Prophecy, book 1 of the Belgariad series, I said that I wish Belgarion, Garion at the time, was older because Eddings could go deeper into the topics he brings up.  For example in Magician’s Gambit, Belgarion brings a cole back to life from the dead; his grandfather and aunt’s response was simply “that was dangerous”.  What about the dangers of being able to will something to happen?  That’s not discussed either.  Eddings also introduces a priest to talk about sins, but that never materializes.

Ce’Nedra finally admits she is in love with Belgarion in case you needed more convincing that Belgarion is The Raven King. She’s so annoying, a stereotypical spoiled princess.

Again the book follows a single plot line with the entire group moving together.  Getting kind of boring.  I guess this is what happens after Wheel of Time – everything else just doesn’t compare.

Hind sight being 20/20, I know the series is not over yet but it feels like it should be.  Yes yes, the prophecies haven’t all been fulfilled yet, but it took 3 books to get the orb back.  So if the orb is retrieved, shouldn’t it be over?  It goes back to what I said in the reviews of book 1 and book 2, the books were too short.  All three of these books should have combined to make 1 book.  Ah well, I guess I can just pretend it was all one.

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