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The Belgariad series ends with book 5, Enchanters End Game.  The long anticipated meeting between The Child of Light and The Child of Dark finally happens.

Well all the complaining I made about only having one plot line and one central group of characters to follow in the previous four books changed in this book; Polgara and Ce’Nedra’s army fight Torak’s army as Belgarath, Belgarion, and Silk try to sneak up on Torak.

The dry voice inside Belgarion’s head is starting to annoy me.  He says Belgarion does all the work, but he doesn’t.  This dry voice, whoever or whatever he is, does everything for Belgarion.  Nothing more about the dry voice is revealed, but hindsight being 20/20, we know there is a sequel and you can expect reviews coming up.

There is  more I want to talk about but it’s kind of hard without giving away spoilers.  So here is my spoiler warning *****do not read the rest of this review until after you’ve read the book *****

Ok so Durnik dies and everyone is all sad.  But in a previous book, Durnik was revealed to the other characters and readers that he is The Man with Two Lives.  Why did nobody bother with it at the time and why did they suddenly forget about it when he died?

All this reviewing of books must be increasing my analytical skills because I knew there was a problem with Polgara only being able to marry Durnik if they were equal but Belgarion was able to marry Ce’Nedra.  So what does that say about Ce’Nedra?

Not the best series, will finish with the sequels and prequels but would not read again.  Oh and what is with the series title Belgariad?  I guess I will have to read some David Eddings interviews to find out but hopefully there won’t be too many spoilers.

The story continues with the 5 book series The Malloreon.

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