>David Eddings – Castles of Wizardry (Balgariad book 4)


Prophecies are finally being fulfilled in Castles of Wizardy, book 4 of the Balgariad series.

Castle of Wizardy is by far the worst book in the series thus far.  The entire book was basically about Belgarion trying to learn his role as The Raven King and Ce’Nedra as The Raven Queen.  Ce’Nedra turned from a whiny little brat to superwoman, not very believable.

This book was even worse for ending at a random spot than the previous 3 books.

I cheated and I already read book 5 of the series; please please do not let book 4 turn you off from the series (if you’ve made it this far) because book 5 is awesome!

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